RM Precast Ltd.


RM Precast Ltd. is a proud locally owned and operated precast concrete company based in Edmonton, Alberta.

Concrete Blocks

Precast lego and flat top blocks are commonly used as a barrier, counterweight, or for the construction of a retaining wall. It is no surprise that this versatile product is our most popular!

Product Catalog

Barriers and Curbs

Jersey Barriers:
For a range of different applications, our Jersey barriers come in 3 different sizes: 10ft, 8ft, and 4ft. For added strength, these barriers are reinforced by 15mm rebar. Our barriers also have loader fork inserts on the bottom to protect the barrier while moving and placing.

We offer curbs that are 7ft in length with 2 different profiles. Our regular curbs are 6 inches in height, while our low profile curbs are 4 inches height. Pricing is available to include install pins for each style of curb.

Mini Jersey Barriers:
Our 10ft long mini barriers come with or without interlocking hooks. Perfect for blocking off a traffic route or use around construction trailers.

Residential Steps & Decks

Our precise process has allowed us master the customization of residential precast steps. With different finishes, mixes, and color options, we make your vision a reality. We offer competitive pricing and with our experienced installers, we will take the stress out of your project. We pride ourselves on personal customer service, from start to finish.

Site Furnishings

Garbage Cans
Our precast garbage cans come in two different finishes: exposed rock and broom finished.

Picnic Tables
Perfect for a lake or campsite, these durable picnic tables are permanent and will withstand all seasons.

Farm Feeding Bunks
We have partnered with Noble Concrete Ltd. to offer precast feed bunks and pads. We also offer sealing of the concrete to increase durability and longevity. Call now below to get your feed bunk installed!